Strict approach to Behaviour Management, pioneered by KIPP schools.

Sit up. Listen. Ask and answer. Nod your head. Track the teacher.

Presented by Lemov, Doug in Teach Like a Champion 2.0 (p.361).

Phil Beadle presents a (somewhat satirical) response to SLANT: "it is little more than what Bourdieu describes as one of the “the crudest techniques of coercion”":

The message here and with many of Lemov’s techniques, there is much talk in the book of “noncompliers”, which is an unpleasantly bureaucratic, totalitarian, dehumanising and profoundly disrespectful way of referring to another human being, is that being controlled will set you free. Your chains are good for you. Your way of ascending to the (white) middle classes is to be found through behaving like a slave to your (white) masters. These “rites of institution” “‘sit up straight’, ‘hold your knife in your right hand’)” are identified by Bourdieu as being “often exerted through emotion and suffering, psychological or even physical.” As Diane Reay has it about some of the academy chains that are most likely to implement such techniques, “This is the boot camp model of schooling for the working classes, military camps for the undisciplined masses.” It is in direct opposition to the arguably ‘enlightened’ liberalism that your children would be treated with if you pay for your education.

Beadle's blog post led to an interesting discussion online:

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