Good and Excellent Teaching

Hattie (in Visible Learning Insights) defines good teaching as:

A good teacher has high expectations, creates an error-friendly climate in the classroom, constantly questons his or her own actions and impact, continuously evaluates his or her own teaching, and works with others in understanding what is meant by impact and evaluating this impact. Good teachers impact on all students' learning.



"The teacher's job is to raise these expectations and help students see success in themselves that they may not have seen alone... our role is to create confidence that a challenging goal is attainable... The attitude of the teacher is therefore decisive for the learning success of pupils"


Is "excellence" in teaching therefore one of decisive activating influence (inspiring and activating/engaging students) and a judicious choice of actions (learning tasks and interactions) that enable high-quality impacts (in student progress). Is Teaching to the Top an aspect of this?


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.